Blood circulation occupies a particularly important place in clinical naturism. The same goes for the peritoneum because of all the organs it envelops and the substantial part of the bowel (80%) which is directly attached to it. Here is a list of the organs found within the peritoneum:

  • Kidneys, aorta and superior vena cava
  • Ascending colon, descending colon, pancreas, duodenum
  • Bladder, superior epigastric vessels, inferior epigastric vessels, umbilical folds, urachus
  • Transverse colon, spleen, liver, stomach, duodenojejunal flexure
  • Ovaries

Rarely spoken of, the ileocecal valve is located on lower right side of the abdomen, above the appendix, where the small intestine connects to the large intestine. It performs some of the most critical tasks in the organism:

  • It serves as a barrier between the small and the large intestine, preventing the backflow of contaminated fecal matter.
  • It keeps the chyme in the small intestine long enough to complete the digestive process
  • It indicates the level of toxicity in the bowel as a whole
  • It helps regulate bowel temperature

Intestinal contents have to be on the move until they can be expelled as feces. This is made possible by wave-like muscle contractions called peristalsis. However, when this mechanism is not working properly, the fecal matter is retained longer than necessary, eventually releasing toxins into the blood stream.

Infections, traumas and other changes in the abdominal organs require the protection of the peritoneum which envelops the injured tissues, preventing the harmful effects from spreading. Without the peritoneum, even a minor abdominal infection could be fatal. The resulting inflammation of the peritoneum produces internal fever (sometimes wrongly referred to as “gastrointestinal fever”).

If fecal matter is neither assimilated nor eliminated, it will sooner or later become a significant threat to your health. In a certain sense, your bowel contents may be a source of life or death. It is no wonder Confucius believed that “you are what you eat”.

Lowering the temperature of the peritoneum and eliminating harmful toxins from the bowel can be achieved in a simple, natural way by bowel cleansing, also called hydrocolon therapy. The procedure is easy and safe to do at home. Click on the link to learn more.


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