Essence Health Coach Program

The Essence Health Coach Program will enable you to understand and treat a number of chronic and everyday health problems in a natural and mindful way, avoiding the consumption of synthetic drugs with all their adverse effects (disclaimer: the Program is not a replacement for medical care or regular laboratory testing, and each participant is responsible for the therapeutic practices and approaches adopted as a result of the Program).

The Program is based on the principles of clinical naturology and covers natural treatments, recipes, books, sites and professional tips in the field. You will also have access to a Yoga website with information on ayurvedic medicine, meditation, breathing, asanas and specific treatments for problems involving the spine and posture.

The purpose of clinical naturology is to prevent or treat chronic and everyday health problems with natural and nontoxic means. Health is viewed from a holistic perspective as dependent on the maintenance of a body/mind/social balance tweaked by natural, non-invasive stimuli. The stimuli may be external (intelligent body care) or internal (expansion of awareness and relief of emotional tension).

For over two centuries, clinical naturology has been practiced around the world. The pioneers and most renowned practitioners include:

  • Vincent Priessnitz

    the Czech Republic (1799-1851)

  • Sebastian Kneipp

    Germany (1821-1897)

  • Tadeo de Vincent

    Germany (1858-1959)

  • Manuel Lezaeta Acharan

    Chile (1881-1959)

  • Ellen Gould White

    the US (1827-1915)

  • Eduardo Alfonso

    Spain (1900-1986)

These masters of naturology have shown the world that it is possible to live a healthy life by making intelligent use of what nature provides in abundance: Air, water, earth, sun, herbs, vegetables and other natural foods.

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