Project 23/1 for a healthy life

What to expect from this treatment?

Let’s gently cleanse your body and mind from the inside out using real, delicious foods, and simple lifestyle suggestions. This is definitely not a fast or it means spending a lot of money on a SPA. Within the first week or two, you will notice positive changes in your body, energy levels, mood, and mental clarity. Emphasis will be put on nutritious foods and detoxified. We take out foods that are usually difficult to digest, allergens or additives. You can follow my meal plan exactly, or just use the detox guidelines to create your own incredible meals. At the end of 23 days, you will have generated the impetus to continue living in a clean body!

What therapies used during the Detox program?

Geo Therapy – Clay
Hydrotherapy- Water
Phytotherapy- Herbs and Plants
Trophotherapy- Natural food
Massage Therapy
Heliotherapy- Air
Movement – Physical activities

What kind of food is allowed?

Do not worry. You will have a wide variety of “normal” foods to choose from. You know, things like: cereals, fruits, beans and lentils, nuts, vegetables, olive oil, eggs … these are just examples, so you have an idea. Real food. Nothing extraordinary. Can you do that!

It’s amazing what the right food can do for your body. Get ready for:

– Restart your body and your mind by introducing healthy foods and detoxified.

– Be visibly more energetic as your digestive system works more effectively

– Feed yourself intelligently with combinations of foods that do not ferment your blood.

– Relieve stress and generate positivity

– Feeling calm, focused and focused

– Generating momentum to continue living in a clean body

All participants will receive:

– Personalized 23-Day Detox Program PDF

– Frequently Asked Questions PDF

– Kelly Kirschstein Daily Online Support on Detoxification

– Explanation of how to perform supportive therapies.

– Bonus! EBook Recipes

How it works?

1. Complete the Therapeutic Record below.

2. Wait 1 to 2 days for the Health Coach to make the necessary assessments for the treatment indicated especially for you.

3. When filling out the Therapeutic Record you will have direct online access for questions and explanations.

I will be ready to provide encouragement and support for you.

Payment via Paypal

The full treatment costs $ 42. No additional fees will be required, all therapies and support will be included.