Meet Kelly Kirschsteïn

Hi, I’m Kelly Kirschsteïn.

Although the notion of Essence has been expressed in one way or another in my life for many years, it took a long journey of personal discovery to develop the perfect combination for the Essence Project.
Following my education in clinical naturology, I planned and supervised spas in Brazil, helping women take better care of their health with no need for synthetic drugs or surgery. I am happy to say that my efforts resulted in healthier and happier women. I was also a massage therapy instructor and body therapist for 10 years at schools and specialized clinics in Brazil.

Then I started pole dancing. At first it seemed to be merely a pleasurable and fun physical exercise, but the exquisite balance of strength, grace and sensuality of pole dance drew my attention to the great beauty and art expressed in movement. I received additional training in Las Vegas, North Carolina and Hamburg, Germany. I have performed at events, but my focus is on the therapeutic potential of pole dance.

In 2014 I moved to the US. After a period working as a pole dance tutor, I decided to focus on the study and practice of Yoga―key to a fascinating world where body, soul and spirit come together in harmony.
This is in short my professional background and history of personal discovery―the elements which I have woven into the multicolored fabric of the Essence Project. Based on my life-long experience, I am confident I can help you discover and bring out your inner beauty and strength as well. In fact, I would love to be given the opportunity!

Kelly Kirschsteïn – Teacher Profile | Yoga Alliance


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Yoga Essence

Private Yoga classes help students define and focus on personal interests and objectives.

The classes are given in a private setting, individually or in small groups. Students learn to build a personal routine based on traditional, time-tested postures (asanas) and meditation, resulting in faster elimination of posture-related back pain, more efficient breathing and a more serene mind.

Individual classes tend to produce better results than group sessions because activities and routines can be tailored to your Essence. This allows the student to experience the pleasure and well-being that flows from Yoga practice and bodily awareness.

What makes Essence health coaching unique?

Good health depends not only on what you eat, but also on how you harmonize relationships, exercise, career and spirituality. Health coaching is based on this outlook and proposes a holistic approach to life and well-being. A health coach acts like a mentor, improving your quality of life through intelligent food and lifestyle choices, among other things. But rather than merely prescribing a diet or exercise, well-established as it might be, a health coach helps you fine-tune all the components that make up well-being and favor immunity and longevity.

Essence offers programs designed specifically for your needs, preventing negative health impacts and treating problems in the most natural way, using nature’s own arsenal.

“Good health is not acquired, but cultivated”

Pole Essence

Pole dancing
If you have never tried pole dancing this is the perfect opportunity. Beginners are advised to have three to five introductory classes. You will learn the principles of pole dance and basic techniques that help build strength, including walking around the pole, rotating and basic floor work.


I fist decided to walk into a pole dance lesson, after my friend told me the benefits of Pole Dance and I decided to look for someone to teach me and I found Kelly. My fist day was hard, but I also never laughed so much in my life,
I never regret it to try Pole Dance lesson. I would definitely recommend Kelly’s classes, she love what she does and explain you with love, patience and careful.

Sol Prieto
Sol Prieto

I highly recommend Kelly as a yoga instructor! She does an excellent job helping beginners and advanced yoga students achieve their personal performance goals. She helps individual students improve their form and technique in a relaxed and encouraging manner. She also integrates massage techniques to help students prevent muscle strain and tension.

 Judy Robbins
Judy Robbins

Real support for real people

Reinvent yourself! A new woman is open to new discoveries and experiences. A healthy lifestyle
opens the mind and renews the body by raising self-esteem and self-awareness. Join the Essence and
enjoy the descovering your inner beauty.