Based on seed and root extracts, antiacid drinks are widely used in European naturist clinics to prevent or treat gastric hyperacidity.

Countless reports show how the long-term use of antiacid drinks can help fight aphthous stomatitis, gastritis, ulcer and heartburn, when combined with dietary care. Antiacid drinks contain mucilage and inhibitors of gastric acid secretion (such as solanine, found in potatoes) which act like buffers in the gastric environment.

How to make mucilage:

Soak 2 spoonfuls of linseed and 3 spoonfuls of bran in 700 mL water (23 oz.) overnight. Then boil for 30 min until producing a thick mucilage.

How to prepare the potatoes:

Wash 2 mid-sized unpeeled potatoes (250 g). Cut them in quarters and cook them in 700 mL water (23 oz.) over a low fire. Pass the cooked potatoes and the water through a fine sieve, then mix with the mucilage. Store in a refrigerator.

How to use the drink:

Instead of conventional breakfast, stir and slowly ingest half the drink, allowing it to blend with your saliva. The other half may be ingested as a substitute for lunch or during the afternoon. Your diet plan should be designed in accordance with your health problem. In severe cases, prepare a larger amount and drink 200 mL (6½ oz.) every 2 hours. You may need some time to get used to the drink, but it will work wonders for you.

Note: if you are allergic to gluten, bran is not recommended.