Hip Opener, Kneeling



Setup and Key Actions for Frog Pose

From a wide-knee child’s pose, flex your feet so that your inner arches face the ground and the soles of the feet face whatever is directly behind you. Begin to widen your feet away from your seat so that your shins become parallel to one another. From here, you can start to walk your hands forward, coming down to your forearms with your shoulders stacked over your elbows. Keep your spine neutral, aligning the back of your skull with the back of your tailbone. Avoid rounding your back or collapsing into your lower back. Allow your legs to separate as much as is comfortable and stable for you. Keep your feet strongly flexed and your hips stacked over your knees.

To come out of the pose, walk back up onto your palms, walk your big toes together (like a wide child’s pose), and then walk your knees together to come to kneeling.

Modifications for Frog Pose

If you tend to collapse in your lower back, place a yoga block (the long way at its second-highest height) underneath your upper abdomen (between your navel and your sternum) and lift up away from the block so that you don’t collapse onto it.