Setup and Key Actions

Begin in warrior I with your right leg forward. Bring your hands to your heart center. Lengthen your spine, and exhale as you twist to the right. Avoid working your armpit down over your thigh right away; instead, remain more upright (think elbow-to-knee connection as opposed to armpit-to-knee connection) so that you can find more length and space in your spine. Inhale to lengthen, exhale to twist. Once you’ve worked the length and the twist, then you can go deeper, working your left arm down lower. If it’s accessible, you can bring your left fingertips to the floor outside your foot, and stretch your top arm straight up or alongside your ear (pinky side down). Keep your back heel grounded, your spine long, and the twist in your middle back as you stretch your legs apart from each other and reach up and over.


If you’re unable to keep your back heel grounded, lift your back heel and stack it directly over the ball of your foot (like a lunge). Avoid lifting the heel with the toes turned out.