Balance, Standing



Setup and Key Actions for Warrior III

Begin in a lunge with your right foot forward and left leg back (knee off the floor). Place your hands, fingers interlaced, onto your front thigh. Press your hands into your thigh and feel the corresponding lift in your belly—particularly on the right side. Maintain that support as you begin to shift your weight onto your right foot, and on an inhale, float your back leg up. Keep your right knee bent and your hands interlaced, pressing into your front thigh to begin. Avoid lifting your back leg higher than hip-level. Watch that your right knee doesn’t drop in. Ground into the mound of your right big toe and your right outer heel. From here, you can bring your hands to your heart, or alongside your body, or forward, or make “goalposts.” Turn both frontal hip bones to face down toward the floor, and engage the muscles between them for stability. Lift your back inner thigh up (without lifting your heel higher than your hips). Lift up through your low belly. and begin to straighten your front leg if you feel stable. Avoid hyperextending the knee or letting it drop in (a micro-bend can be a great idea), and keep all four sides of your neck long.

Modifications for Warrior III

Place your fingertips onto blocks on the floor in front of you, or practice with your hands on the wall for support.